Mahjong Madrid Championship 2016 (Done)

El juego Ernesto Vega de la Iglesia 2 mayo, 2016

Cartel_MMC2016_3072Thank you very much to assist the 1st Mahjong Madrid Championship 2016. We are very proud for the reception this championship had. In just 3 days 48 players signed up very quickly so we decided to extend the maximum number of player to 60. The registered players will assure a very competitive tournament.
We have almost all the Team Members fixed. For the players who want to participate in the same team, please send us the names of the players and the name of the team. The deadline will be 11th of September. The players who have not sent the info will be distributed randomly by the organization.
Please inform us as soon as possible if you have any food restriction.
The forecast in Madrid for the days of the championship is expected to be a sunny day with Min: 17ºC and Max 30ºC.
Date: 2016, September 17 & 18.

Registration fee: 50€ (include both days breakfast and saturday lunch, at the same place).

Rules: EMA Mahjong Competition Rules (EMA MCR).

Weight: MERS1.

Sessions: 6 sessions of 2 hours, 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Players limit: 60

EMA Observer: Rui Machado.

Referee: Marco Montebelli.

Menu: The Saturday lunch will be a self service menu based on assorted Spanish Tapas and the main dish will be chicken curry. For breakfasts and breaks you will find water, coffee, tea, juice and other drinks with some fruit and pastries.

Place: Eurobridge Club (Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez 8, Madrid); nearest underground station is Cuzco (Line 10). Wifi available. Here you can check the place:



Friday Saturday Sunday
19:00 – 21:00 08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast/Registration 08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast
Welcome & inscription*** 09:30 – 11:30 Game 1 09:30 – 11:30 Game 5
11:30 – 11:50 Break 11:30 – 11:50 Break
11:50 – 13:50 Game 2 11:50 – 13:50 Game 6
13:50 – 15:30 Lunch 13:50 – 14:10 Break
15:30 – 17:30 Game 3 14:10 – 14:45 Awards
17:30 – 17:50 Break
17:50 – 19:50 Game 4


***We can not play because the room will be partially occupied by Bridge players.



Registered Players:

# Name Nationality Team MahjongTime
1 Ernesto Vega Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid evega
2 Héctor Escaso Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid escazzo
3 Antonio Ayllón Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid
4 Eduardo Amador Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid ratatadedoras
5 Cristiane D’Angelo France-32 Mamma Mia
6 Timur Hahn Flag-of-Germany-32  Knitted Team
7 Raúl Ríos Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Valencia raul1985
8 Marco Antonio Olmos Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid 2  markelms
9 Virginia Polonio Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid 3 nigriv
10 Carmen Valbuena Flag-of-Spain-32 Chulapong GwenDelvano
11 Pilar Castellano Flag-of-Spain-32  Los Tres Dragones picas05
12 Marta Soria Flag-of-Spain-32  Los Tres Dragones martalove
13 Annie Manzo Flag-of-France-32 Mamma Mia
14 Bruno Manzo Flag-of-France-32 Mamma Mia
15 Alejandro Serrano Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid 2  kazatz
16 Anna Canova Putinier Flag-of-Switzerland-32  Knitted Team anna59
17 Domingo García Flag-of-Spain-32 Chulapong
18 Edgar Rubio Flag-of-Spain-32  Mahjong Valencia
19 Víctor González Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid 2  Nabe
20 José Moreno Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Valencia CARIBU
21 Katia Túnez Flag-of-Spain-32 Chulapong Katina13
22 Samuel Túnez Flag-of-Spain-32 Chulapong
23 David Martínez Flag-of-Spain-32  Los Tres Dragones
24 Joel Ratsimandresy Flag-of-France-32 Mamma Mia
25 Francesca Battaglini Flag-of-Italy-32  Tapas&Mahjong
26 Danilo Serio Flag-of-Italy-32 Tapas&Mahjong
27 Iván Maestre Flag-of-Spain-32 Los Tres Dragones  Ningbo
28 Thierry Claudel Flag-of-France-32 Knitted Team
29 Laurent Claudel Flag-of-France-32 Knitted Team
30 Serena Porrati Flag-of-Italy-32  Tapas&Mahjong
31 Marco Montebelli Flag-of-Italy-32 Tapas&Mahjong
32 Jili Pfeiffer Flag-of-France-32 Magic Mahjong Self Pick! Xiaohuangdi
33 Matthieu Pfeiffer Flag-of-France-32 Magic Mahjong Self Pick! Laoban888
34 Caroline Arnaud Flag-of-France-32 Parillada Team CaroXiaojie
35 Simon Fongue Flag-of-France-32 Parillada Team sfongue
36 Annabel Di Domenico Flag-of-France-32 4 Orphans Team Mannabel99
37 Cédric Aguerre Flag-of-France-32 Parillada Team
38 Miria Martelli Flag-of-Italy-32 Italian Dragons mirmart
39 Claudia Folesani Flag-of-Italy-32 Italian Dragons bezz
40 Manuel Santos Flag-of-France-32 Parillada Team
41 Nathalie Jacquart Flag-of-Switzerland-32 Swiss Team
42 Rui Machado Flag-of-Portugal-32 Mahjong Valencia Drago3
43 Lionel Legaie Flag-of-France-32 Magic Mahjong Self Pick!
44 Reine-Marie Doris Flag-of-France-32 4 Orphans Team  rendo
45 Shi Hua Chen Flag-of-Denmark-32  Danish Red Dragons   shihua
46 Camilla Bonde Flag-of-Denmark-32  Danish Red Dragons
47 Robert Bonde Flag-of-Denmark-32 Danish Red Dragons
48 Tina Christensen Flag-of-Denmark-32  4 Orphans Team
49 Jacob Petersen Flag-of-Denmark-32  4 Orphans Team
50 Tanja Mayr Flag-of-Switzerland-32  Swiss Team
51 Ting Fang Flag-of-Denmark-32 Danish Red Dragons
52 Luc Humbert Flag-of-Switzerland-32 Swiss Team
53 Gérard Hêche Flag-of-Switzerland-32 Swiss Team
54 Daniela Natali Flag-of-Italy-32  Italian Dragons
55 Sebastien Ferrante Flag-of-France-32 Italian Dragons
56 Bernard LAO Flag-of-France-32 Magic Mahjong Self Pick!
57 Chassot Frédéric Flag-of-Switzerland-32  Mahjong Madrid 3 Fred460
58 David Ciudad Gómez Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid 3 ehrior
59  Jorge Osuna Olalla Flag-of-Spain-32 Mahjong Madrid 3
60  Inma Cuevas Tortosa Flag-of-Spain-32  Mahjong Madrid 3

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